HaxBall Sniper Tournament

I would like to invite you to our first HaxBall tournament.
You can win some prize here but the main purpose is always to enjoy sports spirit and fun.
Please read the rules before you register and then again before the tournament starts to be sure you understand everything. If something is not clear do not hesitate to ask admin in private message.
You all want to enjoy this tournament so I beg you to keep fair play and rules to not be needed to solve problems and give penalties. I look forward to you and I wish you good luck 😉

Start of the tournament: 22 May 2018 20:30 CET
End of sign ups: 22 May 2018 20:15 CET
Entry: Free

2nd Place:
Points to leaderboard
Honor, entertainment, experiences
1st Place:
1x Dino D-Day game or 1x RL ingame Key
Points to leaderboard
Honor, entertainment, experiences
3rd Place:
Points to leaderboard
Honor, entertainment, experiences
Other players: Points to leaderboard, honor, entertainment, experiences

How to sign up?
First of all you need to be registered on this site. If you are not, please register.
Because this is an 1v1 tournament write this simple magic formula in comments!
I can play at this date and time. I want to sign up in this tournament!

Number of players: Minimum: 8, Maximum 32
If the minimum is not reached tournament can be played without main prize.

Tournament format: Groups BO1 + Play-Off BO3

Rules: Always follow rules and admin’s instructions.
Write only registrations and results in the comments. You can contact admin through private message with your questions and ideas.
Do not try to cheat or delay the tournament. If you do you will be removed from the tournament and banned for playing upcoming tournaments.
Always record the game with function in the game and save the replay! This is the only way to prove anything.
Download the Sniper Stadium: https://uloz.to/!mZRYynhfStzY/sniper-fixed-hbs

Room settings:
Score limit: 7
Time limit: None
Stadium: sniper by ReTry (sniper-fixed.hbs)

Who will create the room? In the HaxBall there are problems with pings from time to time. The procedure will be this. Home (upper) player will create the room, opponent will join. If opponent will have high ping and he will complain about that he can try to create the room. When home player will have lower ping here than his opponent in his room, they will play here. Players can also agree on neutral host but finding a neutral host can not last longer than 2 minutes.

Tournament Organization: For communication during the tournament we will use
After 20:30 CET all players have 5 minutes to confirm their participation on the Discord in tournament-chat. Then the tournament will be drawn. Match can be started when both players are in the room and when both write ”Ready”. If somebody will causing problems and delaying the game he will be eliminated. Waiting period is 5 minutes. The winning player has the obligation to enter the result, the opponent has the obligation to confirm it with ”OK” or provide a replay showing different result.

Writing a result: After you finish the match you will immediately write the result here to the comments in exact format:
Player1 vs Player2 5:7
In Play-Off BO3:
Player1 vs Player2 5:7 7:4 3:7

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