Birthday 3v3 Tournament 2019 Results

27th April we took the time for Birthday Tournament in traditional style 3v3 Big which we all love!
12 teams signed up and they were ready for some haxball fun, current and former players too. I would like to thank everybody who decided to celebrate my birthday in this way. 🙂
I hope everybody have enjoyed this competition!
Few of you maybe didn’t understand well my tournament format. But it met my expectations! Do you know what were my goals? I wanted that teams would meet more different opponents during the tournament and also I wanted balanced matches as possible.
And look at this! We had randomly drawn basic groups and after then we can see equal matches in all performance groups and Play-Off 1.
Really interesting fights and I am happy for that!
Tournament page link
Here are the final results:
1st Lucky Bastards
Maciejek, Andrzejek, Michałek

2nd Cutiepies
sandra, Johny93, Adka, lajz, paul, sajanekk, krowaelo

3rd Redemption
Subsé, LonKing Béy, Xanthos, Blaur, Loz, denkoko, Cavé, Crown

4. D.C. United A
Marj, Wiaz, H2O, Mr. Ultras 06, Albert, Kendrick

5. CSKA Steaua
Flaviu, Aztecas, Mionstah, Ants, Perfaz, Ext, Varela, POP, Bull, nbk, vegeta, Vidalo

6. Sambers
flash, sad, hehe, Boppa, luke, Rajzo

7. ParkTheBus
Rust, LukasPunk, Marcos Rojo, dEu

Essien, Miva, jessue, Schurz, Kyrai, Poes, Flassh, Oblak, LEXAL

9. THC
TemplleGoku, MessIO, Jappo, Daaf, Nasri, Lewandowski_pt, ronaldoo, Nub, Hazard

10. MFK
fidlifoot, melooo, kragl, Loco

11.-12. D.C. United B
Daíc, schwell, bozsy, ZYRAA, Fearmachine, Ajerov

11.-12. Slavie Praha
FriendsCallMeMaradona, xXWojtekXx, jacop123, FRED, vein

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