6man Rules

Basic Rules
Score limit and also time limit are set to none.
Each player writes a number showing count of lives in his avatar before each game starts. (usually 3)
All players are standing on their goal line, then hit pause and after cancel pause they can start playing.
When a player receives a goal, he takes one life down in the avatar, doing so without delay! When other players are standing on the line, this player can start playing, the pause is not needed. When he touch the ball, others can start moving.
If a player has 1 life and he will receive a goal, he is removed from the pitch. In this case the kickoff is like at the beginning of the game.
If a ball falls into the goal which does not belong to any player, the player who touched the ball as last is losing one life.
Last touch is judged as follow: 1. It is evidently who has touched as last. 2. Both sides agree on last touch. 3. An independent person decides. 4. The last part of the game is restarted and nobody loses a life.

Team Rules
6man 3v3 is played in three-member teams.
At the 6man 3v3 stadium the goals are colored by teams. Home team takes reds in the first game.
All players have 3 lives at the beginning.
Players play classically according to the basic rules until there are players only from one team on the pitch. This team wins a game, the sides are changed and the next game is played.
Team which has won two games as first wins the match. (BO3)
Players can be substituted between games and between matches, not during one game.
Roster can contain from 3 to 6 players.
6man 3v3 Stadium: https://ulozto.cz/!ZaJe5ptQyDmr/6man3v3-hbs

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